Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Really? Negativland!? Awesome!

As much as I prefer sarcasm over sincere fanboyism in this venue I can't help but be excited. The Knoxville Big Ears festival is coming, and while I couldn't personally care less about Phillip Glass, I am completely excited by Negativland!

If you've never heard (of) Negativland it is worth checking the albums Escape From Noise, Free, and Dispepsi to get a feel for their work. (OK, those are the only three albums of theirs that I've heard... I won't lie) I won't even bother at a half-witted, inept attempt to describe their music but other fans will appreciate the fact that Car Bomb and Timezones have gotten me through a good chunk of late night cynicism by driving me deeper into that particular funk.

To the uninitiated, their discography has a good selection of clips on their site. It should be known that they are some of the most outspoken activists for fair use (after fighting U2 and Pepsi-co for the right to sample from their works and use certain likenesses), and for that reason, they are freedom fighters and activists against censorship!

I suppose this gives me a great excuse to review the venerable Bijou Theatre and maybe even the Bistro at the Bijou!? I can't wait!

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