Friday, March 13, 2009

not dead, just distracted beyond all sense of reason...

The standard blog death excuse post follows: I'm not dead I've just been busy with (choose 1 or more: life, work, marriage/family, 52 hours without power, consulting full-time on top of a full-time job, taking care of cats, etc... etc...). Actually only two of those apply to me, guess which ones (ahem... hint, the overly specific ones).

That being said there are several things to report on, and they shall be reported extremely soon. Briefly: Cafe 4 and I have had a spat, SeƱor Taco has stolen my heart and is officially one of my favorite restaurants in KVille, Negativland was AWESOME (as expected), Ephesus is extremely good and makes me happy. Oh, and we lost power for 52 hours some weeks back, but neighbors had power (with a long enough extension cord and an outdoor outlet perhaps we could have too) which started a massive decent into blog inactivity. That being said, throwing away loads of spoiled food (including many homemade stocks and broths which was really heartbreaking) made me appreciate how much we take for granted. It also makes me appreciate my gas water-heater (and makes me regret my choice in buying an electric stove... actually that should be regret *more* since I hate electric in the first place) and wonder what exactly I pay KUB for.