Monday, December 29, 2008

Hot Tea is seriously not this hard

Dear Knoxville,

It should be understood that while I personally love coffee and would almost never skip it for tea, there are those who appreciate those special little leaves in a way that we java drinkers can't possibly appreciate. My advisor was one of those, my wife is one, and even you might be one so... Why can even high-end restaurants in this quaint burg keep a small stash for those occasional outliers who might request an alternative to the daily brew? Tea is perishable but tea bags kept well will be fine for many many months, are quite affordable, and even provide good profit margins since you are charging for one bag plus hot water! If you want to be properly high-end, you can provide a lemon wedge (just like the water, but on the side please), a bit of cream (a-la the coffee you already serve), and some honey (local honey for extra points!) just to separate yourself further from your non-tea serving competitors!

This is a plea to the restaurateurs, present and future, of East Tennessee to be considerate. This mere act may change a "really?" to a "quoi" and a "quoi" to a "good" in my modest rating scheme! Go nuts! Try some Earl Grey and some mango Ceylon if you want to be exotic!

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