Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Market Square Kitchen - the diner realized

After complaining previously about breakfast in Knoxville, and its availability to the hung-over or merely peckish brunch diner it should be known that there are breakfast locales which are successful in fulfilling the needs of this diner. One of the two with perfect scores to date is Market Square Kitchen at the corner of Market and Union facing onto the square.

The food is exactly what you need when you have an appetite: eggs, bacon, biscuits, coffee and/or OJ, served with a side of hominess that makes the experience perfect. You coffee cup will be either kept filled or at least filled promptly upon request, and you food will be out very quickly. The service is polite and eager to please, and the owner is truly interested in your experience. What more do you need at breakfast time? Fairly often I need simplicity in the morning and I find a very satisfying simplicity at this perfect Diner.

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