Sunday, December 21, 2008

McScrooge's ... a Really? from the past

It's one thing to vanity-google yourself and another thing entirely to peruse BeerAdvocate, read a review of a beer store you haven't looked at in a long time and find yourself completely agreeing with a review only to realize that it's your review from 9-10-2007, right after you arrived in Knoxville. For authenticity's sake what follows is simply a copy-paste of that review because my tone in describing McScrooge's. Of course this means it is a bit out of context so you can read the original and other quotes for the feelings of others on this particular booze-ateria.

"I also found this place thanks to the guy behind the counter at "The Leaf and Ale."

Firstly, their wine selection is excellent (the second best we've found in/around Knoxville) and their spirits collection is good too (if either of these things matter to you)... now onto the beer.

Our first trip there was great... the selection is effectively the de-facto Knoxville selection with a few nice surprises. For me the best surprise was the quantity of Rodenbach Grand-Cru on the shelf. I bought them out. It was great. I don't recall anything about the service on our first trip.

The reason for my poor service and quality review was the second trip. My father was coming to town and was very excited about the possibility of Rodenbach. I was disappointed to find zero on the shelf. A friendly guy asked me if he could help. The conversation was as follows:

Me: Yeah, I was wondering if you had any Rodenbach in back since the shelf is empty.
Him: What? Is that wine?

Ed Note: Fine, you don't know your whole selection. I understand.

Me: No, it's a Belgian beer you had last time I was here.
Him: Oh yeah. The really bitter beer. I had it once and I thought it had gone bad. It is SO gross. Oh, but I guess you like it.

Then he disappeared into the back, and found none. I also purchased, as a poor replacement, a Brugse Straffe Hendrik, which was 99% flat. It may be that this is out of their control or it may be old stock, but it was no good.

They have a nice Creme de Cassis for Kir (if you're into that kind of thing) so I may stop in when I am out there and check their beer selection but I will never drive all the way out there just for their beer. If you live in that part of the city then it will provide you with all the standard Stone / DFH / Delierium / Chimay / etc which are standard for Knoxville."

I suppose it makes sense to provide some additional information over a year later. I don't go to McScrooge's, mostly because it is so far west and we have perfectly good stores (soon to be reviewed) much closer to home, all of which are making a great effort to stock quality beers of both the Belgian and American varieties. I'd be a liar if I didn't admin that my interaction with the sales guy has also colored my view a bit and makes me less inclined to return. That being said I do refer people who live out west to the little Irishman if they require some high-gravity beer or a decent wine selection.

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