Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Old Mill Bread Company ... a bakery reward for going West!

I so rarely go to west Knoxville for anything unless forced that I would almost certainly never have found Old Mill Bread Company without being kidnapped. Luckily I was recently forced out of my comfort zone for training for work and found myself hunting lunch on Cedar Bluff. Monday I searched for some reasonable sustenance during the lunch hour and was excited by the non-chain option of eating at Old Mill but it was closed and I was forced into sandwich purgatory (actually Hell) at Subway. Great disappointment followed (no surprises here). Tuesday was Taste of Thai, and finally Wednesday we found ourselves in the same strip mall as Monday, but luckily this time we were not forced to eat bad bread or lousy sandwiches.

Old Mill Bread Company is precisely what I've wanted in Knoxville: a bakery and a no-nonsense sandwich shop. For $5.49 you can get a sandwich, made to order on homemade bread, and a cup of soup (for about $4.50 you can get a half sandwich and a cup of soup, or just a sandwich for around $3.50). Soups are made in house and are also very tasty as proven by the creamy chicken tortellini. Our small clan chose any combination of meats (turkey, roast beef, and chicken salad) and toppings and everyone was happy. The sandwiches were made to order extremely quickly and came with a single bite brownie to top off the meal.

At the end of meal I could not resist a low-fat oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (delicious) and a loaf of honey whole wheat bread to bring home for the fam.

Service was prompt and very friendly. Payment is cash only which might catch you by surprise so see an ATM first. Questions were answered without hesitation and hints about making sourdough at home were given for only a small fee (ok, none). If you're stuck out west for work or errands make a stop you won't regret it!

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